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Hey all, nice to be here.

My name is Margarita and I’ve just joined your ranks. I’m learning my very first opera piece— Caro Mio Ben. (well, I don’t know if it is technically opera, but close enough for me!).

I love singing and am just starting, but I’ve been a fat activist and all around glamour girl for quite some time now. I first really sang in front of an audienced when I was dressed as my drag character Margarita Machismo (yes, I am a biological female, but I wanted to become a drag queen too, so I did.) I sung songs from Hedwig and The Angry Inch and some White Stripes too. I got a wonderful reception and I’ve been dreaming about singing ever since. I want to have a Rock n’ Roll band one day and sing again under the name Margarita Machismo, but I decided I want to train my voice so I can have a bigger range and can do more with my voice without developing bad habits (other than the occasional clove cigarette). So I’m taking voice lessons. I love singing all kinds of music, especially Rock, Jazz and “classical”.

All I can say for now is that singing opera is hard, fun, and very stimulating.

P.S. I didn’t mean for that to come out sounding as dirty as it did. ;P
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